Bonaire daily life, part two

In part one of this series about Bonaire daily life, I described what it is like when you wake up in paradise. But after waking up, real life starts, and real life on Bonaire, like in the rest of the world, means work. As you may have read in my resume, I work as a Dive Master, an underwater guide. It is a fantastic job, the best I ever had, but to make some money I have to do it part time. On my non-diving days I work from my office. Not that I ever wanted to work in an office again after quitting my job in Holland, but my Bonaire office is different. It is indoors, a corner of my living room. But since my house only has open shutters and wide sliding doors, it feels like you’re outside. The trade winds still blow around my head. If I do not use paperweights, everything on my desk blows away, into the garden. Tropical Mockingbirds and Bananaquit fly in and out to see if there is something to eat for them. Or to just use my office as a shortcut, come in on one side and fly straight out on the other. They love to sit inside and use my room as an amplifying sounding board! And when I look away from my computer screen, I have an awesome view over the lower part of Bonaire, the small island of Klein Bonaire and the deep blue Caribbean Sea. Not your average office!

My office work is not tax law anymore, I quit that 12 years ago. Nowadays I rent out my Sea View Apartment, write articles and interviews, do translations and some consultancy. Nothing too much, mind you, I only do the jobs that I like. I discovered that when you let go of the idea that you must join the rat race, good things come to you automatically. Even on Bonaire.

When I have had enough of sitting behind my desk, there always is my garden to go physical. But I already wrote a blog about that! Or I go out and drive five minutes to the sea, to have a swim in crystal clear 27C/81F degree water. I don’t want to make you jealous, but I told you this blog is about why Bonaire is so special!

My next blog will be about working as a Dive Master.

To be continued.

About thebonaireblogger

Eight years ago, after a career switch from Tax Lawyer to Dive Master, I moved to Bonaire. It was the best career move I ever made. Not for the money, mind you, but my well-being was lifted to top level. Arriving on Bonaire for the first time felt like arriving home. After living on the island for a couple of years, it still felt the same and I decided to stay there. I designed a house, had it built, and three years ago I moved in. In this blog I want to share why Bonaire is so special for me.
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