Bonaire daily life, part one

Since this blog is about telling the world why Bonaire is so special, maybe I should elaborate a bit on my daily life here. I know I posted some highlights that corroborate my opinion on this island, but these highlights are only an icing on an already very tasteful cake.

So let me start at the beginning. Around 6AM hundreds of birds start their brave effort to wake me up. Not an easy job, but I don’t make it too hard for them, I do not have glass windows and the wooden shutters of my bedroom are always open to let the cool trade winds in. Did I tell you the climate is one of the happiness factors on the island? At night the temperature drops to 26C/79F which is very comfortable when a tender breeze blows around your head. No need for blankets: a single sheet will do.

So I wake up with the sound of birds. Looking out my window I see the rising sun illuminating distant clouds, and about 260 days in the year it promises to be another beautiful day. I must confess I am not a morning person, so still sleeping, on the autopilot, I shower and go to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. The front porch is the place to be now. That is where I sit down to break my fast. From the front porch I look out over the shrub garden. There are a lot of blooming shrubs and trees, attracting all kinds of birds.

Hummingbirds are my favorite. They hover around the purple Raspa`s and then shoot to the white flowers of the Ben Tree. The seed pods of that tree are a favorite for Yellow Shouldered Parrots and their nosy nephews, the Caribbean Parakeets. A flight of doves is still sleeping high on the electricity lines further away. I sympathize with them, as sleep is still roaming my system. But I have to wake up, because little yellow and black birds are preying on my breakfast. They are Bananaquit. In Dutch we call them Sugar Thieves, but they are not limiting themselves to sugar! What a way to wake up! Now that I am awake I also see the inconspicuous Black-faced Grassquit under the bush. After a short song it opens its beak wide and emits a piercing high note. Now I realize what sound succeeded in getting my mind to consciousness this morning.

How can you be unhappy when you start the day like this…

To be continued.

About thebonaireblogger

Eight years ago, after a career switch from Tax Lawyer to Dive Master, I moved to Bonaire. It was the best career move I ever made. Not for the money, mind you, but my well-being was lifted to top level. Arriving on Bonaire for the first time felt like arriving home. After living on the island for a couple of years, it still felt the same and I decided to stay there. I designed a house, had it built, and three years ago I moved in. In this blog I want to share why Bonaire is so special for me.
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1 Response to Bonaire daily life, part one

  1. Erika says:

    lieve Wietze, ja ik volg je vanaf nu.
    Heel leuk om je verhalen te lezen.
    Heb je al eens aan een boek schrijven gedacht? Zo niet dan raad ik je dat wel aan.
    Groeten Erika

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